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Specific questions or concerns about the Installation Restoration Program (IRP) can be emailed to Mr. Charles Saks (, Radford Army Ammunition Plant's (RFAAP) Public Relations Officer. Mr. Saks can also be reached by phone at (540) 731-5785.

Citizens interested in the IRP can also join the RFAAP Restoration Advisory Board (RAB), a forum for exchange of information and partnership among citizens, the installation, and regulatory agencies. The RAB was established in 1998 by RFAAP and local citizens. RFAAP provides information to and solicits comments/concerns from the RAB regarding site cleanup activities. RAB meetings occur quarterly.

If you have questions or concerns about current manufacturing activities and related environmental management, contact the Radford Environmental Development and Management Program by emailing Charles Saks (, or calling (540) 731-5785.

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