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Restoration Advisory Board

Radford Army Ammunition Plant (RFAAP)
Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)
September 21, 2006

Meeting Minutes




Jim McKenna RFAAP/RAB Co-Chair
David Allbee RAB Member
Steve Cole RAB Member
Joe Parrish RAB Member



Jerry Redder RFAAP/AAPC
Devawn Oberlinder Citizen
Jim Cutler Virginia DEQ
James Spencer URS Group
Tina DeVine URS Group

Agenda Item #1: Introductory Remarks, Jim McKenna

Mr. Jim McKenna began the meeting at 7:10 p.m.

Agenda Item #2: Installation Program Status/Question and Answer/Community Input

Mr. McKenna discussed the overall process/exit strategy in place for the facility.

Ms. Devawn Oberlinder suggested advertising the RAB meetings on Channel 2. Mr. McKenna stated he would consult the public affairs office regarding this issue.

Mr. Steve Cole asked about the status of the SWMU 4343 removal action. Mr. McKenna stated that the removal action is being implemented at the site. Soil has been removed and confirmation samples have been collected. The area will be backfilled upon receipt and review of the confirmation results.

Mr. McKenna briefly discussed the current activities at SWMU 54, including a site visit conducted with the EPA and VDEQ that day. Mr. McKenna discussed the plan to collect surface water and sediment samples from the New River to assess the potential impact from the site.

Mr. Jim Spencer provided a presentation regarding Joe Parrish’s groundwater well located east/southeast of the Plant. Groundwater flow at the plant and surrounding areas is generally toward the New River from ridges to valleys thus the well would be upgradient of the plant. Mr. Spencer stated that the New River would act as a hydraulic barrier for groundwater flow from the plant. Link to Joe Parrish's Presentation.

Mr. McKenna stated that a partnering meeting with the EPA and VDEQ is scheduled in October.

Closing Remarks
The meeting was concluded at 9:05 p.m. Next RAB meeting is scheduled for December 14, 2006.

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