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Restoration Advisory Board

Radford Army Ammunition Plant (RFAAP)
Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)
September 15, 2011




Jim McKenna RFAAP ACO/RAB Co-Chair
Heather Govenor RAB Member




Jeffrey Hillebrand Shaw Environmental, Inc.
Robin S. Forte Shaw Environmental, Inc
Jim Cutler VDEQ
Diane Wisbeck ARCADIS
Jonah Anderson UXB/Kemron
Jeremy Flint ATK
Jean Elliot citizen
Amy Splitt Environmental Advocates of the New River Valley
Devawn Oberlender Environmental Advocates of the New River Valley


Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes [taken from text of September 16, 2011 email]

RAB meeting started approximately 700pm. 

Upon entering the NRVCC New River Room, the poster stations were from left to right: Shaw (SWMUs 48/49, SWMU 54, Army Reserve Small Arms Range), ARCADIS with the NRU areas (Building Debris Disposal Trench, Bag Loading Area, Igniter Assembly Area, Northern Burning Ground, Western Burning Ground, Rail Yard, Groundwater), UXB/Kemron (SWMU 40 and SWMU 57).  Jim McKenna  was in between the Shaw and ARCADIS poster stations with the sign in sheet and the RCRA Permit site status sheet. Although there was no set order, people generally signed in first and then proceeded to the Shaw station then to the ARCADIS and UXB-Kemron poster stations. For the most part questions from the public were related to the sites that were being presented or about the IRP in general.  There was some discussion from one of the attendees about the active Open Burning Ground but this is not related to the Installation Restoration Program.

The Fact Sheets can be accessed by clicking on the sites in the paragraph above or the links below:


SWMUs 48/49



Army Reserve Small Arms Range

NRU areas

RCRA Permit Site Status Sheet

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