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Restoration Advisory Board

Radford Army Ammunition Plant (RFAAP)
Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)
September 15, 2005

Meeting Minutes




Jim McKenna RFAAP/RAB Co-Chair
Joe Parrish RAB Co-Chair
David Albee RAB Member



Paige Holt Acting Environmental Manager/ATK
Jim Cutler DEQ-Federal Facilities Project Manager
Tina Henderson URS
Lee Anne Mareck URS

Agenda Item #1: Introductory Remarks, Jim McKenna

Mr. Jim McKenna began the meeting at 7:10 p.m.

Agenda Item #2: Installation Program Status/Question and Answer/Community Input

Mr. McKenna stated that the Building 4343 remediation work plan is currently under internal review and will be submitted to the EPA and DEQ upon completion of the review. The removal action for the site has already been procured for this fiscal year.

Mr. McKenna stated the final SWMU 39 RFI/CMS has been submitted to the EPA and DEQ and the remedial action may be procured next year.

Mr. McKenna stated that rather than submitting formal work plans for additional assessment, RFAAP submitted (via email) a sampling plan to address EPA/DEQ comments on the SWMU 40/71 RFI/CMS Report, Draft Document, December 2004. Similarly another sampling plan was submitted (via email) to address EPA/DEQ comments on the Site Screening Process Report for SWMUs 13, 37, 38, 46, 57, 68, 69 and AOCs A, F, Q Draft, September 2004. This approach was recommended by EPA/DEQ during the April 2005 IAP workshop as a way to expedite the process.

Mr. McKenna briefly discussed submittal of the Current Conditions Report Horseshoe Area, Draft Document, August 2005, as the culmination of the contractor's effort on Work Plan Addendum 9. In addition, a meeting with the EPA is scheduled September 22 to discuss the approach for assessing groundwater for the facility.

Mr. McKenna stated that the Installation Action Plan (IAP) for 2006 has been drafted and is awaiting formal approval. The IAP will be posted on the website upon approval.

Mr. McKenna discussed the potential utilization of Performance Based Contracting at the facility for the Installation Restoration Program as assessed by the USAEC (and their contractor, CALIBER), EPA, DEQ and USACE Baltimore District.

Closing Remarks
The site visit was concluded at 7:45 p.m. Next RAB meeting is tentatively scheduled for December 15, 2005.

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