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Restoration Advisory Board

Radford Army Ammunition Plant (RFAAP)
Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)
June 21, 2007

Meeting Minutes




Jim McKenna RFAAP ACO/RAB Co-Chair
David Allbee RAB Member
Joe Parrish RAB Member
Steve Cole RAB Member



Jim Cutler VDEQ
Jeffrey Parks Shaw Environmental


Jim McKenna opened the RAB meeting with discussion about the IRP status. He referred to the IRP schedule update which was available as a handout and on the RFAAP website. Work Plan Addendum 19, for additional investigation at the PBC sites, was approved by EPA/VDEQ on 6/20/2007. Jeff Parks indicated that July 19, 2007 was the tentative start date for mobilization for the field investigation. EPA also approved the Building 4343 Interim Measures completion report and the Site Screening Process Report for Solid Waste Management Units 13, 37, 38, 46, 57, 68, 69, and areas of concern A, F, and Q. A RAB member inquired as to why the action at 4343 was an “interim action”. Jim McKenna explained the process and said that RFAAP’s understanding is that the permit is to be modified in the future to acknowledge this a final action. He did reiterate that cleanup at 4343 had been to residential criteria so that no further remedial actions were anticipated.

EPA Changes

Jim McKenna discussed the change in EPA project managers. The Radford project manager was changed from Rob Thomson (Superfund manager) to Will Geiger (RCRA manager). There are no anticipated problems moving forward due to the change in EPA management.

Jim Cutler (VDEQ) stated that VDEQ will be the lead agency for the IRP at the New River Unit (NRU). There was brief discussion of well drilling activities at the NRU and that Jim McKenna was taking VDEQ on at site visit of the NRU on 6/22/2007. Jim McKenna also discussed the issues with the red flooring at the NRU and the need to perform a risk assessment. This assessment would drive any decision for future cleanup action. He stated that future work at the NRU would be under a new contract that has not yet been procured.

Long Term Monitoring

The Long Term Monitoring (LTM) of Hazardous Waste Management Unit (HWMU) 5 and a Trichloroethylene (TCE) groundwater plume was discussed by Jim McKenna. TCE was detected in a couple of monitoring wells at HWMU 5; however, it is believed to be migrating from another site, a former degreaser unit upgradient of HWMU 5. At this time RFAAP is waiting for two actions, the first is for the USAEC to create a new site in their data base and the second is for the Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District to prepare the needed cost estimates and program support documents for this new site. These actions will enable the programming, budgeting scheduling process to continue so that needed work can be procured.

Closing Remarks

Next meeting is to be held Thursday, September 20, 2007 at 7:00pm.

0810 Meeting Adjourned.

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