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Restoration Advisory Board

Radford Army Ammunition Plant (RFAAP)
Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)
March 16, 2006

Meeting Minutes




Jim McKenna RFAAP/RAB Co-Chair
Joe Parrish RAB Co-Chair
Steve Cole RAB Member



Jim Cutler VDEQ/Federal Facilities Project Manager
Jerry Redder RFAAP/AAPC
Tina DeVine URS

Agenda Item #1: Introductory Remarks, Jim McKenna

Mr. Jim McKenna began the meeting at 7:05 p.m.

Agenda Item #2: Installation Program Status/Question and Answer/Community Input

Mr. McKenna asked the RAB members if they had seen the article published approximately three weeks ago in the New River Current about the RAB meeting. RAB member Steve Cole stated that he had seen the article.

Mr. McKenna stated that a meeting with the EPA is scheduled for the end of the month in Philadelphia. Expected attendants include the EPA review team for RFAAP reports, Jim Cutler from VDEQ, himself, Jerry Redder from ATK, and members from the consulting firms currently working on the associated projects at the facility. The goal of the meeting and subsequent quarterly meetings are to develop a framework to expedite the review and completion of work at the sites. Mr. McKenna stated that they have been able to achieve closure on only 6 sites since the permit was issued. The sites that will be addressed in the meeting with the EPA include SWMU 54, Building 4343, SWMU 40/71, SWMU 31, SWMU 45, and the NRU.

Mr. McKenna briefly discussed the proposed work at SWMU 54. He stated that information packages had been provided to the EPA at the beginning of March in preparation for the meeting at the end of the month. With regard to SWMU 54, the EPA requested additional information including boring logs which have since been provided. Mr. McKenna discussed the plan to collect surface water and sediment samples from the New River to assess the potential impact from groundwater. Mr. McKenna stated that the site is a high priority for the facility; therefore, as soon as approval of the proposed additional work is received from the EPA and DEQ, the work will begin.

Mr. Steve Cole asked about the status of the removal action slated for Building 4343. Mr. McKenna stated that a work plan for the removal will be submitted to the EPA and the project was somewhat delayed due to internal work effort conflicts. Mr. Cole asked what the approximate schedule was for the removal and how much soil would be removed per day. Mr. Jerry Redder stated that the estimated schedule was 4 weeks for removal completion with approximated 3-4 trucks running a day. The number of trucks per day depends on truck availability.

Mr. McKenna stated that status of projects has been updated on the website.

Closing Remarks
The site visit was concluded at 7:42 p.m. Next RAB meeting is tentatively scheduled for June 15, 2006.

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