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Restoration Advisory Board

Radford Army Ammunition Plant (RFAAP)
Restoration Advisory Board (RAB)
March 18, 1999

Meeting Minutes


Davida Trumbo
Arne Olsen
Jerry Redder
Robert Freis
Rob Thomson
Jim McKenna
David Albee
C.A. Jake
Joy Leketa
Rick Parrish
Helen Smartt


a. Old Business, Approval of Minutes, Mr. Jim McKenna, Radford AAP Restoration Manager:

Minutes of the 21 January 1999 meeting were approved.

Introduction of Mr. Robert Freis. Mr. Robert Freis introduced himself to the other members. Mr. Freis worked as a reporter for the Roanoke Times (Christiansburg Office) and as such wrote a series of articles last fall about the plant, one series pertained primarily to environmental issues. Mr. Freis was unanimously voted into the RAB as a member.

b. Overview of the Solid Waste Management Unit 8 Status (SWMU8), Mr. Arne Olsen, ATK:

Remedial Project: A-B line acidic wastewater settling lagoon.

SWMU 8 Background:

  • Below grade earthen lagoons
    Neutralized wastewater
    Produces calcium sulfate sludge

Initial Phase:

  • De-watering the lagoon (water to outfall 007)
  • Sludge removal (adjacent drying beds)

Removal Action:

  • Removal of 24" of soil from bottom of lagoon
  • Soil placed in adjacent drying beds
  • Subcontracted work completed January 1998

Final Phase:

  • Soil sampling (off-plant facility), June 1998.
  • No constituents were detected above:
    • Background
    • Residential risk-based numbers that EPA publishes
    • Permit health-based numbers

New Tank:

  • New concrete tank
  • More efficient settling
  • Eliminate ex-filtration from tank to lagoon
  • Easier sludge removal

Assuming that the tank passes the leak test, it will go into operation sometime in April of this year.

c. Overview of the New River Unit/Bldg. 4343 Status, Ms. Davida Trumbo, ICF Kaiser (Enclosure 1):

Conduct a remedial investigation feasibility study at both Northern and Western Burning Grounds of the New River Unit and a Resource Conservation Recovery Act P (RCRA) facility investigation at Bldg. 4343.

The investigation overview is to insure the accuracy and integrity of the work that will be conducted.

In 1990, ICF conducted remedial investigation preliminary accounts of the Northern burning ground in cooperation with ATK. ICF went in with geophysical survey delineated areas that had been impacted from previous burning activities and collected environmental samples of both surface and subsurface soil for analysis. Evidence of lead was found.

In terms of contaminate nature and extent, ICF has seen metals in the soil. Part of the initial investigation was to verify the previous investigation results and determine the nature and extent in terms of both lateral and vertical extent of the contamination.

ICF will be conducting both ecological and human health risk assessments to see if there are any potential risks to human health and environment at the Northern Burning Ground.

ICF will be conducting initial screening activities at Bldg. 4343 to verify previous investigative results conducted by ATK in 1996.

Currently, ICF is looking at soil and potential surface water settlement for the Northern and Western Burning Grounds. Screening with lead test kits will provide real time information to optimize the sample design. ICF will be collecting some confirmatory samples to decide whether or not there is still a problem with metals, SVOCs, and PAHs. ICF will also be evaluating locations that have cadmium concentrations above RCRA regulatory limits. ICF will collect verification samples and then ICF will do systematic sampling to determine whether or not there is any other potential contaminates surrounding the facility.

Investigation activities include the mobilization, surface water/sediment. Subsurface soil, IDW management, and demobilization. Tentative schedule is sometime in April.

d. Installation Action Plan, Mr. James McKenna (Enclosure 2).

Department of the Army requires this plan. This program document is required to be done annually. It describes RFAAP’s sites, past actions, clean-ups, public involvement, RAB, cost – what’s been paid; what’s the program for this year – what’s the program for outyear, and site descriptions.

e. Meeting with EPA, March 11, 1999, Mr. Rob Davie, Mr. James McKenna (Enclosure 3):

Discussed regulatory documents for RFAAP and regulatory status for New River Unit.

3. Closing Remarks:

The committee requested that one of the next RAB cover more detail on ground water.

The next meeting is scheduled for May 20th @6:00 p.m. A tour of the New River Unit in Dublin has been scheduled. R.S.V.P. to Joy Leketa NLT 17 May, (540) 639-8611.

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